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This little tour has been carried out, because I was born in this area, went to schoool here, and having spent some years in the Birmingham area, have since lived and worked in Lichfield now, for over twenty five years. It was my view that while there was some guidance for visitors, what there was, was somewhat dissipated. As a Web Design company, this work has been undertaken without charge to anyone, because we are old fashioned enough to believe that it is good to put something back.

If you have enjoyed this tour, or wish to point out any corrections, or make comments for improvements, then please email to

In addition, you may find a site called - [ My Home Town Guide ] of interest as it lists many other Towns and Cities across the UK with guided tours in many cases.

The production of this site is ongoing, and will be added to as time permits. The intention is to show how the City is now, what you can see and do, and something of the life of the place, its people, and its culture. Consequently, the pictures taken about the City are snaps of how it is, rather than the glossy type of postcard image that you can purchase from the stationers and tourist shops.

I hope that you find time to come here one day, and if you do, I know that you will enjoy your stay.

Tony Cadwallader

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Last updated: July 26th, 2006.
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