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Woodcarving for Beginners

Woodcarving Quiz

  1. What distinguishes carving in wood from stone carving
  2. What is the end shape of a number 1 chisel Shaped chisel
  3. What do we call this type of chisel
  4. What shape is a number 9 chisel
  5. What is the name for the chisel with a V shaped end Channel shaped end section
  6. What do we call this end shape
  7. What is the best type of grinding tool to use Wing shaped tool
  8. What do we used to obtain a textured background
  9. When you have finished with your oil stone, what next
  10. What is this tool used for
  11. With what do we sharpen the inside edge of a chisel
  12. How do we detect that we have finished sharpening S shaped tool
  13. What is this
  14. What types of wood are these

    Timber sample Timber sample
    Who Timber sample Timber sample
    Timber sample Timber sample
  15. Give me the name of the famous carver of this piece
  16. What is Iroko commercially used for
  17. What timbers can be used in exterior situations
  18. Which of these timbers, is not good for carving and why
  19. Which timber was used in the middle ages for fine detail work, and in many instances painted over
  20. Which polish stain can be retouched without forming overlap around the touched up area
  21. What does the professional call a french polish brush

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