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as at .. January 11th, 2003
I don't understand what those big boxes are for on the top, my wife thinks they are Hamster Cages, I think they are like a big pigeon loft ... but too big for pigeons, maybe it is a dragon loft. Look out, the one on the end is open, there may be one about!

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Ooops - what's that ...
Is this a Dragon Loft?
Quiz: Best answers will be published as they come in, press [ HERE ] to submit your suggestion of what these constructions could be used for.

Best suggestions to date:-
  1. pigeon loft
  2. dragon lair
  3. hamster cage - Mary
  4. intercontinental ballistic missile silos - Peter
  5. air conditioning components for a theatre - Gareth
  6. projector lenses - to put pics of Lichfield's most wanted on a wall - Funster

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