Web Design Criteria
Just a few notes to help you on your way

The Benefits of a Web Page - why should you have one ?

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  1. Provides you with the same exposure as much larger companies
  2. A cheap form of advertising
  3. Interactive with the reader
  4. Gets your company product or service benefits across in an interesting and informative way
  5. An international market place
  6. A simple method of getting enquiries
  7. Raises your company profile
  8. A method of providing an information resource for customers
The internet, as a resource in the UK, is behind the American experience, where the net is now used as a search tool for information for individuals and companies, and is overtaking the use of Yellow Pages. The UK is slowly waking up to this huge market place, and if you appear in Yellow Pages, then you must - sooner or later - have your own web pages unless you are going to lose out in terms of new customers.

Your web pages and address are part of your overall marketing strategy, and should feature on all your letter headings, leaflets and brochures, and let people know that you are ready for the next century. The time to do it is now, in order to try to get you good indexing from the search engines. You might not get it right the first time, but until you make a start, you cannot begin to get it right.

The following points are offered as a guide to good web design, in order of importance

  1. Must be found
  2. Download time must not be too long
  3. Good presentation - must be succinct, not too many pictures, use graphics but don't overdo it, not too many nodding donkeys, they can distract.
  4. Easy to navigate from page to page
  5. Must be interesting and informative and demonstrate that you are the specialist
  6. Useful links
  7. Remember it is a marketing tool, - people buy benefits, people study information
  8. Full contact address, phone/fax numbers, contact name
  9. E-mail address and or message box
  10. Page address and date in case printed out

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