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Just left click with your mouse alongside the item or items that you want to order, and enter a number in the quantity box. When you have completed your list of items wanted, you will find at the foot of the page a button to click on that will take you to the order form that you need to fill in. If you get it wrong, you can come back and try again by hitting the 'Back' button on your Browser until you get it right, or abort at any time by hitting the 'Home' button at the bottom of the page.

Don't hit the 'Return' key, or you will go to the 'Order Form' page before you want to.

Item Description Price Qty
TB109 Cuddley teddy bear - red 19.99
SP127 Packet of safety pins 0.90
MI274 Violin Case 23.43
BE42 Shaving brush - no bristles 2.36
BE43 Bristles for shaving brush 1.99

Please note that this is a demonstration page only, and no items are actually for sale.


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